2007 1st Bai Yun Chinese Art Society Exhibition
2008 Hong Kong Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition
2010 Yun Yuan Ou Ju Five people Exhibition
2010 Graduation Exhibition of Advanced Diploma
Programme in Chinese Painting (Cycle 5)
2012 3rd Bai Yun Chinese Art Society Exhibition
2013 Yun Yuan Ou Ju Six people Exhibition
2013 4th Bai Yun Chinese Art Society Exhibition
2015 5th Bai Yun Chinese Art Society Exhibition
2016 Exhibition of Art Adventure 2016

Old House


There is no one definition of beauty and ugliness, everyone has different criteria.With resistant heart, people define objects as unattractive, unappealing. They are unable to comprehend its meaning behind stories. The world is imperfect. Yet, the true perfect world comes from our tolerance and appreciation.

"Why are your paintings mainly about ruinous houses, gaunt alleys, wild weeds and barren trees? "people curiously asked me. In other's point of view, it is just a pile of garbage, but I view differently. The trace of history gives its own beauty, washing off and creating unique colors and textures over time. It cannot be artificial. It's all about the "incomplete beauty".

The defective part, like the blank space in Chinese paintings, lets people imagine infinitely. With different painting medium, either abstraction or representation, presented on papers or canvas by adding colors, texture, and personal emotions. It is my way to share the "incomplete beauty" to viewers.

Chinese concept